Frequently Asked Questions


Why an empty capsule?

Thanks to Capsul’in®:

  • Your local coffee roasters or your local coffee retailers are able to sell their own quality coffee to Nespresso® machine owners.
  • You can benefit from immeasurable choices of espresso coffee and consequently you decide on the price of your capsules.

How does it work?

Fill the capsule with the espresso coffee of your choice, apply the adhesive foil seal, and then insert the capsule into the Nespresso®’s brew chamber.

How long does it take to prepare Capsul’in®?

10 to 15 seconds; just the time for the Nespresso® machine to warm up!
Store your espresso coffee in a square, air-tight, dry-storage coffee container, so it is easy to fill Capsul’in® with coffee.
You can also use the smart Capsul’in® capsule holder which makes the filling process even easier and faster.

How many capsules can I make with 250gr of espresso coffee?

You will make around 50 capsules.

When I buy my espresso coffee, how fine should be the coffee ground?

For the best espresso, asks your coffee retailer for “espresso ground”, meaning grounded at middle grade. For most professional grinders, it corresponds to the grade 3/4. If you have your own grinder, do not hesitate to make some tests.

With the perfect ground, a light tamp and the espresso will come out perfectly. If the flow is restricted it means the tamping was to firm. If the flow is too fast and the coffee is a little watery the grind is too course or the coffee needs a firmer tamping.

Can I prepare my capsules in advance? For my weekly consumption for instance…

Yes you can!
The auto-adhesive foil has been developed in collaboration with the company 3M®, and meets all technical requirements in terms of food contact, temperature variation and time exposure.
Once the foil is on the capsule, it will remain intact for several days.
Store the pre-filled capsule in an air tight, dry storage container.

Is Capsul’in® compatible with the Nespresso® Pixie, the new Nespresso®Maestria and the new Nespresso U®?

Yes Capsul’in® is compatible with all Nespresso® machines.
Please note that Capsul’in® is not compatible with Nespresso® professional machine and with build-in Nespresso® machine with capsule carousel like the Nespresso®  Miele® CVA series.

Where do you manufacturer Capsul’in®?

Capsul’in® is manufactured in Europe (France) in total respect of EU quality standard.

Is Capsul’in® associated with Nespresso®?

No. Capsul’in® belongs to Equity Holding and is not in any way associated with Nestle® or Nespresso®.
Capsul’in® is a unique model registered at the European Office for Harmonization in the internal market under number 18290405.