capsul’in: an empty capsule…full of qualities


You have a great Nespresso® machine but you know that is not enough:

• You want to buy your coffee from your local coffee roaster
• You want fair and reasonable price for your coffee capsule
• You want fresh roasted and fresh ground coffee in your capsule
• You want access to fair trade and organic coffee…

Those are all the gaps that Capsul’in® is filling!
Capsul’in will change the way you discover and buy coffee for your Nespresso® machine!
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 capsul'in grains

<h2>HOW DOES IT WORK ?</h2>



Fast and simple:  fill Capsul’in® with the ground espresso coffee of your choice, tamp lightly, apply the adhesive foil seal, and then insert the capsule into the Nespresso®’s brew chamber.

When the capsule containing your favorite coffee is sealed, you would get the freshest coffee ever!
In 10 seconds your capsule is ready; just the time for the Nespresso® machine to warm up!

You can also use the smart Capsul’in® capsule holder which makes the filling process even easier and faster.


<h2>Get fair and reasonable price:</h2>

Get fair and reasonable price:


With Capsul’in®, you pay for what you get : coffee.

By having the possibility to choose your coffee, you also decide on the final price of your coffee capsule.

So, not only are you supporting your local coffee roaster / coffee retailer, but, without compromising on quality, you will be able to save a lot of money.


Capsul’in® is compatible with all Nespresso® machines including the Pixie, the new Maestria and the new Nespresso U®.





This is the real secret for an exceptional espresso coffee. And for the freshest coffee in capsule, Capsul’in® is the solution.

The combination of the fresh roasted and fresh ground coffee from coffee roasters with the convenience of the Nespresso® machine is fantastic.


<h2>Immeasurable choices of espresso coffee:</h2>

Immeasurable choices of espresso coffee:


Buying your espresso coffee at your local coffee roaster / coffee retailer store give you access to a large variety of coffee. You can buy your favorite blend, exclusive single origin, fair trade or organic coffee.

Capsul’in® will transform your Nespresso® machine into an Espresso machine!