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Capsul’in® is the first empty Nespresso® compatible capsule that works in the full line of Nespresso® machines that I have used.  The Capsul’in® design also features a raised ridge on the base of the capsule, making it work well with the newest and currently most popular machines that Nespresso® has to offer.

The Promise of Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

The promise of empty Nespresso® Compatible Capsules is that users can take advantage of the amazing simplicity of the Nespresso® machine design, its consistent quality and its convenience to brew up capsules filled with your own favorite espresso blend in a more economical way. Other empty Nespresso® compatible designs have offered some savings and have delivered on the ability to use your favorite espresso blend, but as far as capturing the convenience of the Nespresso® machine system, they fell short. I didn’t think hauling my old Nespresso® Essenza out of the basement very convenient, and given the popularity of the newer machines, I found that I just couldn’t get behind the idea.

Having universal compatibility, the Capsul’in® system has promise and was worth trying.

Using Capsul’in® Empty Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

Easy to Use – With a half dozen in a tub next to my Nespresso® Pixie, I was able to use the Nespresso® system as intended; easy, convenient and quick. With Capsul’in® capsules, almost every capsule fell into place perfectly and had no trouble inserting and closing the lever. There was only one time when I had an issue, and that was early on when I didn’t have the foil perfectly sealed.

Brewing Results

Overall, the results were good, in fact nearly perfect. Capsul’in® is the first user fillable capsule that I have used that I was able to easily use in my new Nespresso® machines that delivered a great espresso.

To make this comparison, I used the newest Dhjana Limited edition blend from Nespresso® by slicing open the Nespresso® capsules, and filling the Capsul’in® capsules with the Nespresso® blend. Dhjana has 5g of coffee packed into its little aluminum skin, and I was able to pack pretty much all of it into the Capsul’in®. I would say that comparing side by side to Nespresso® capsule brewed Dhjana, the Capsul’in® version is nearly indistinguishable. I would say that maybe there is a ten percent knock off the flavor, and a slight hit to the crema.

Every day – In using the Capsul’in® capsules every day, I found them to produce a good espresso with good crema. The flavor profile was full and overall delivered on the promise.

Review Summary Capsul’in® Nespresso® Compatible Capsules

Capsul’in® delivers on the Nespresso® promise of easy high quality espresso that in a side by side comparison is nearly indistinguishable from a native Nespresso® capsule. Except for the extra attention that you need to pay to getting the capsules sealed, the whole system works easily and works well. By filling a few at a time, I can replicate the « drop-it in and brew » simplicity of the Nespresso® Capsules. Well Done.


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Many people interested in espresso these days at least consider a Nespresso® machine. In my case, I started out with one before moving up to an entry-level Gaggia. Of course, a major pro for the Nespresso® system is its hassle-free delivery of passable espresso with no need to worry about roast date, grind, tamping, mess, temperature, etc. However, from time to time your average Nespresso® user might chafe at the rising price of capsules or simply crave a little variety, the ability to use their own coffee. A number of gadgets have been designed to scratch this particular Nespresso®-related itch, and I recently had a chance to try out the latest, Capsul’in®.

Ok, on to the review.

For round #1

I emptied out a partially squashed Kazaar capsule I had on hand (thanks, UPS!) and filled a Capsul’in® capsule with the grounds. This was an easy process. I filled, tamped lightly using the back of a spoon, filled some more, tamped again, and then applied the seal. The Capsul’in® shot was quite good, I have to say. In a blind tasting, I’m not sure I could have discerned which was which.

For round #2

I managed to squeeze 7 grams of freshly ground Intelligentsia Finca Matalapa El Pino (100% Arabica) into a Capsul’in® capsule. I then ground at #6 on my Baratza Virtuoso (uncalibrated) and tamped more aggressively than last time. The resulting shot had lighter crema (true), but then again I didn’t have Kazaar’s Robusta to work with. More importantly, it tasted very good. In that respect, I found the Nespresso® + Capsul’in® combo more forgiving of my then-poor technique than my Gaggia Carezza. Pretty sweet. This shot pulled very slowly, so I made a mental note to ease up on the tamping in the future and/or fiddle with the grind a tad.

Finally, round #3

I filled the capsule with 7 grams of Vivace’s Espresso Dolce blend (bought through ROASTe, incidentally), tamping lightly. Judging by the flow, this was about right in terms of grind (could go just a *hair* coarser). Pretty tasty! I can’t say it was as good as what I get from the Gaggia, but it beat most (all? I’m still undecided) of the Nespresso® capsules in terms of smoothness and flavor in my opinion.



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Capsul-in® is good news for coffee drinkers especially if you owns a Nespresso® coffee maker.
Nespresso® for the longest time is a closed system.

Now, you have capsul-in, and you can make any coffee you want. For some, it is to support a cause such as RainForest alliance or Fair trade coffee.
For others, it is to try as many types of coffee as they like. But, for many, it is to be able to get the freshest roasted, ground coffee that they can get.

Capsul-in technology is in its simplicity. First look and it is just a plastic container with a sticker flap. But, when the cup containing your favorite coffee is sealed, you would get the freshest coffee ever! And that is technology!

In addition, one no longer need to pay the prices that Nespresso® wants. You choose any coffee you want and regardless of the coffee, it is at least 50% cheaper than Nespresso®.

So, what else is there to worry about? Oh, yes, the quality and those FDA stuff. Not only are these capsules eco-friendly, they met the EU requirements for quality standard.

And that standard is pretty high, probably in line with the US FDA standard.

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